An introduction to solar PV systems

This article covers some of the most basic concepts in solar PV. It will introduce you to the main components in a system, and how they all work together.

Introduction to electricity for solar PV systems

This article will cover some of the key electrical concepts that you will need to understand if you are hoping to design your own solar PV system. The other articles on this website will assume that you have a good grasp of these topics.

Which direction should your solar panels face?

What is the difference between azimuth and tilt angle? What if my roof doesn't face south, or I have a flat roof?

How to size a grid-tie solar PV system

This article will take you step by step through sizing your grid-tied residential solar PV system regardless of your goals for the system and regardless of which country or region you are from.

Calculating solar PV string size - A step-by-step guide

How do you calculate maximum and minimum string size, based on your location and components?

Solar panel selection for grid-tied residential systems

Covers all of the main points you need to consider, to choose the best solar panel for your situation.

STC and NOCT – Solar panel test conditions explained

An introduction to these two important concepts, and how they are applied.

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